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The Rotating Institute October 23rd 2019 on Mixcloud

The first ever edition of The Rotating Institute is up on Mixcloud. Hope you dig it.

1. SJ Tequila – The day after
2. Sasso- Sober head
3. Maferefun Obatala
4. Ric Piccolo – Android Lover
5. Fabio Fabio – Raimundo
6. Bawrut – Atchu
7. O.N.I.T – Out of control
8. Moderna y Theus Mago – Pesos not Besos (Justin Robertson’s Deadstock 33s remix)
9. Thorsten Quaeschning meets Paul Frick – The seaside stage pt 6
10. Cyrk – Monument
11. Mike Blyth – Atom Junction
12. Jackal & Hyde – Get down to my technique
13. Sula Bassana – Barbarella
14. Herbaliser – Wall crawling giant insect.
15. Soundersons – Cabasa
16. Ponty Mython – Jealous Lover ( Jonny Rock mix)
17. LakeShouse – Folkemusik
18. Que Sakamoto – Minimuzikhol
19. Acid Arab – Club DZ
20. Javier Ferreira – Ss hh aa kk
21. Jon Da Silva – Dub is all you need
22. Justin Robertson’s Deadstock 33s – Searching for E. Soames
23. Bogdan – Tiger and space arc ( Miskotom mix)
24. Pop lock (labour of love)
25. Astral TV- Terraforms
26. Thumpasaurus – Dance like it’s your life
27. Neil Landstrum and Si Begg – Aviemore
28. Golden Fleece – Schapelles Boogie
29. Justin Robertson’s Deadstock 33s – The Golden Barge

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The Rotating Institute- a new radio show on Soho radio

Greetings fellow sonic travellers. On Wednesday October 23rd I will be launching a brand new radio show, ‘The Rotating Institute’ which will be a bi monthly companion to ‘The Temple of Wonders’. It is a two hour blend of electronic sounds, old and new, from acid wigglers to hypnotic electronica with its feet firmly on the cosmic dance floor. Expect music from the likes of Sula Bassana, Bawrut, Golden Fleece, Mike Blyth, Theus Mago, Jon Da Silva, Ponty Mython and many more. The Temple of Wonders continues on November 20th with the next ‘Rotating Institute on December 18th. The show is on at 2pm on Soho Radio and will be available on Mixcloud shortly afterwards. Hope you dig it.