Maps, Signs and Sigils.

Maps, Signs and Sigils
An exhibition of artwork by Justin Robertson
Justin Robertson brings his artwork to Pikes for his debut Ibizan exhibition, having previously shown his last four collections around Europe as well as been selected by the Saatchi gallery as one of its featured artists. This is a compact selection of works reflecting an interest in cosmic bodies, magical symbolism, and the secret life of machines. From smouldering suns to complex mazes of circuitry, these pieces gyrate with life. Specially rendered in brushed aluminium, they catch the light in many different ways, offering fresh perspectives as the day passes into twilight.
The collection includes three brand new works that have never been shown before, including ‘The Sun bubble’ dedicated especially to Pikes.
“It is a great pleasure to have been asked to do an exhibition at the legendary Pikes hotel, where culture collides with cocktails with an easy elegance. I’ve tried to reflect some of the vibrancy of the place; from the bright optimism of day, to the magic rituals of dance that bridge the space between darkest night and the rebirth of dawn.”- Justin Robertson.