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Temple of Wonders April 2021

The April 2021 edition of the Temple of Wonders is now available on Mixcloud. Your bi-monthly trip around the psychedelic corners of the cosmos, taking in dub, world, esoteric electronic vibrations, and of course, Monty and Harry’s tune of the month. Track list in comments. Hope you dig it.

1. El Michels Affair – Murkit Gem feat. Piya Malik
2. Alfredo Linares – Amor
3. Alien- Lifeless Animal
4. The Seventh Dawn- Don’t Worry Me
5. Sharif Ali – I Want to Believe
6. Perilymph – She Fell
7. Harari – Afro Gas
8. David Waciuma Rapture Voices – Jesu Kristo
9. The Revolutionaries – Home Sweet Home Dub
10. Jah Bunny – Blood of the Earth dub
11. Side Orders- Side Orders
12. Sage and Seer – Time Has Come Between Us
13. The Attack – I Feel Like Flying
14. Kriget – Din Con
15. Sauce and Dogs – Up and Under
16. Tiki Paradise- Island Fever
17. L.S.D. Orkestrası – Dönmeyen Sevgili
18. Bab – Tiberskert
19. The John Sangster Quartet – Exploration of the Sun
20. Blair French- Through the Blinds
21. The Chantells – Blood River
22. Wadadub Soldiers Band – Hail Him Dub
23. Tristan Arp – Oddkin
24. The Frenzied Bricks – Vicious Circle
25. Fimber Bravo – Call my Name
26. Jane Weaver – Lux
27. Forever Amber – On Top of My Own Special Mountain
28. Shin Joong Hyun & Yup Juns – Think
29. Zombi – Slow Oscillations
30. Michel Banabila – Wah-Wah Whispers
31. Don Melody Club – Geen Nood
32. Julián y su Combo Sabor – Palo de mango
33. Elias Maluleke And Mavambe Girls – Khombo Ranga
34. Stereolab – Jump Drive Shut- out
35. Prince Jazzbo and Linval Carty – Wise
36. Trans Am – Cocaine Computer
37. Michael Deacon – Runnin’ in the Meadow

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The Temple of Wonders December 2020

The December 2020 edition of the Temple of Wonders is now up on Mixcloud. Hope you dig it. x

1. Rama- Ganges
2. Satellites – Big baglama
3. Tiger Tiger- We can’t explain
4. Vic Mars- The Time menders return
5. The Springs band – say it
6. Matias Aguayo – Minimal
7. Capes of Good hope- Lady Margaret
8. Jaime and Nair- Sob O Mar
9. The Home Current – Theme from Lobster boy
10. The Metro- Tones- Why won’t you love a man like this
11. Germain – it ago dread
12. Big Joe- Jah Guide
13. Richard Norris- Blue star gold
14. Protect U – Follow through
15. Aldemaro Romero y Su Onda Nuevo- Irene
16. The Fantastics- Oblique
17. Weeed – Anicha
18. The Twelve hour foundation – Polivoks
19. Tengger – See
20. The Levitts – The saints of my city are children
21. Twinkle Brothers- Free Africa
22. Grupo Super T – Westbound train
23. L’éclair- L’Arrivee au port de Lagos
24. Adhelm- Haar
25. Sun God – Wave refraction
26. Liraz- Lalai
27. On the Ifness- Qua
28. El Grupo D’Abelard – Otro Perro Con ese Hueso
29. Abu Obaida Hassan- Fargooni
30. Hollow Ship – Agent
31. Nektar – Do you believe in magic
32. Mouth – Floating
33. Wau Wau Collectif – Salamaleikoum
34. Okraa – Almas
35. Chuck Jaques – Dial 609
36. Five day Rain – The reason why
37. Panamint Manse – Sunstroke Scout
38. The Association – Never my love

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A new Formerlover release. Discomfort. 04.09.20

The new musical project with Sofia Hedblom has a new installment, best described as music for beaches and basement. Discomfort’ is a sun dappled, bittersweet love letter, drenched in 60’s surf echo and the spectral shimmer of slide guitar. The song is an hypnotic reading of longing, lost in time. Underpinned by a bassline that simultaneously rattles the speakers and warms the heart, ‘Discomfort’ evokes the timeless sound of late summer nights. 04.09.2020.

Formerlover discomfort thumbnail

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The Rotating Institute July 2020

The Rotating Institute is now up on Mixcloud. Hope you dig it x

  • Thorsten Quaesching- the seaside stage session
  • Glok- Weaver (Minotaur Shock mix)
  • Hologram Teen- Sam Samy Sam
  • Afterleo- Manon
  • Brioski – Good days
  • Pyrame- The pace of everything
  • Hiatt Db- 6 O’clock rock
  • Matias Aguayo- De Papel feat Max Turn
  • New World – Enough (Juan Maclean mix)
  • Vini Pistori ft Abrao- Louco Chama (Thomass Jackson mix)
  • Ruf Dug- Theme from Ruffy’s lab
  • Daniel Monaco – Middle First
  • Akasa – one night in my life
  • Haruka Salt- Family Mart Riddim
  • Roedelius- Wahre Liebe
  • Brendan Pollard- Inability Capability
  • Anunaku & Dj Plead- Wheelie
  • Dexorcist- Jah’s Coming
  • Trevor Jackson- They came from NY
  • Suns of Arqa- Acid Tabla (Adrian Sherwood mix)
  • Bill Brewster- Wake up (dub disco)
  • New World- Fade out
  • Rodion- Senza Sesto Senso
  • Peter Graf York- Indonesia
  • Reese and Santonio- Power sound
  • Alma Negra- Dakar disco (Kuniyuki remix)
  • Silodisco- Only (Theus Mago remix)
  • Leo Mas & Fabrice feat Sally Rodgers- the unspoken love
  • Begin- Hansa
  • N&W- Current overdrive
  • Becker and Mukai- More eyes
  • Romore- Heaven
  • Ream- Midnite (Justin Robertson’s Temple of Wonders mix)

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    The Glade Area Glastonbury- A tribute to Andrew Weatherall.

    My contribution to the beautiful tribute to Andrew Weatherall which is unfolding nicely on @gladeareaglastonbury has just dropped on @Mixcloud.


    If you wish to mark Andrew’s memory we would be grateful for any donations made to charities that were important to him: Amnesty International, Multiple Sclerosis Society, Thrombosis UK, Crisis
    Please Donate here


    Always moving forward whilst nodding fondly at the past, seeking inspiration for our  journey into the future.



    It is a tall order trying to stitch together an hour and a half’s worth of music to pay tribute to one of dance music’s true geniuses. There are not enough hours available to cover the spectrum of sound that he mastered.  Andrew Weatherall was a wizard, a magician, a conductor of musical energy, the Guvnor. There is a lot of ridiculous hyperbole surrounding the art of Djing, but in Andrew’s case all the superlatives are deserved, his passion shone through every set he played, they were like rituals where real magic happened.


    His inspiration will continue to feed those fascinated by the alchemy of ‘acid house’ and the wonder of outsider music in all its forms. So, with that in mind I thought I would explore just a small corner of the musical galaxy, what Andrew would call ‘oompty boompty music’. He could bring the rave like no other, always looking for new sounds and obscure tracks to baffle and delight. I’m still struggling to find most of them after years of searching. This mix is a mixture of new tracks, because Andrew was an evangelist for the new, and older tracks that remind me of him. I’ve included a couple of numbers I made that Andrew took the time to call me about. It was a great buzz to get his feedback and to know he was into what you were doing. He was always encouraging and positive like that, as I’m sure countless producers will testify.


    In this particular potion you will find tunes and snippets from Andrew himself, a spot of lysergic boogie, a pinch of hypnotic trance dance, machine funk bangers, cosmic wigglers and all manner of galactic disco business. Transport yourself to the basement or field of your imagination. Until we meet again, thank you for everything my friend. X


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    The Rotating Institute June 3rd 2020

    The June 2020 edition of the Rotating Institute is now up on Mixcloud. The Rotating Institute is a celebration of electronic dance music culture. Stand against injustice and racism. Track list is below. I hope you dig it.x

    1. Flug 8- Effective height
    2. Dengue Dengue Dengue- Barrabass
    3. Falle Nioke and Ghost Culture- Barke
    4. Ems Synthi 100- Movement 5
    5. James Bright- Shinrinyoku
    6. Kuunde and Martin Noise- The silk road affair
    7. Formerlover- Correction Dub
    8. Donald Dust- The whole earth
    9. Afterlife- Si Si Si (Dj Rocca remix)
    10. Aimes- Phosphorescent
    11. Amarcord – The Universe is indifferent
    12. Butzmann and Kapielski- Do the VoPo
    13. Field of Dreams- Untitled (Justin Robertson’s Deadstock 33s remix)
    14. Happy Meals- Full ashram emerging theme
    15. Pete Bassman- Distant Funk
    16. Soviet Space Research Institute- A black cat’s journey to the other side
    17. Orphus- Cyborg
    18. Ejeca- Nation
    19. Keleketla- Future Toyi Toyi
    20. Javi Redondo- Non Sei Qui
    21. Sir Drew- Satisfied
    22. Pye Corner Audio – Find a Portal
    23. New Hook- OT
    24. Recut- Defending
    25. Niv Ast- Ninja’s Mothership
    26. Yila feat Glom- Scam Pan
    27. Outlake- Lady Genesis
    28. Stabbed- Theme from Chicago
    29. Dino Lenny and Francesco Farfa- Everything you say (Justin Robertson’s Deadstock 33s remix)
    30. Kaspar Bjorke- Oceans of time (Bawrut remix)
    31. Mildlife- Rare Air

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    The Temple of Wonders May 2020

    The May edition is now available on Mixcloud, hope you dig it.

    1. Metronom- Divny Pan
    2. Vanishing Twin- Spice Level 7
    3. CEL, Felix Kubin, Hubert Zemler- Elektrybałt
    4. Amami- You Say Me
    5. Disco Turco- Mevlana
    6. Marumo- Khomo Tsaka Deile Kae
    7. Queen Oladunni and her unity orchestra- Igbekel Enia
    8. Family- Summer ‘67
    9. Gimmicks- Bermuda Inn
    10. Chew- Ti + Do
    11. Cornell Campbell- Undying love (King Tubby dub)
    12. Itopia- Message from Jah (Dubwise)
    13. Cybotron- Suite 16/9th Floor
    14. Corey Holms- Ritualistic Echo
    15. Catching Flies- Satisfied (Ambient Reprise)
    16. Alder- The Fall Of Empire
    17. YANGA- No, No Más
    18. Andy Aaron and The Mean Machine- Right On Time
    19. Phil Ochs- Tape from California
    20. Extra Classic- Demon Hit
    21. Wailing Souls- Gravalicious (version)
    22. The Light of Saba- Free up Blackman
    23. Hareton Salvanini- Growing
    24. Airto- Alue
    25. Mameen 3- Spacecamel
    26. Randall Dunn- Virgo/Something about that night
    27. Lapre- Flokati
    28. Wheatcheck- I Thought Him Insane
    29. W.B.S- Lorsque le soleil se lèvera demain
    30. The Strangers- Onye Ije
    31. Wax Machine- Sun Dance
    32. The Techniques- love is not a gamble
    33. Pokus – track 3
    34. Asma Omar- Raga Kaan Ka’Eegtow (You Are the One I Love)
    35. Twink- Morning
    36. Lesley Duncan- I can see where I’m going

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    The Rotating Institute April 8th 2020.

    The Rotating Institute is now up on Mixcloud for your listening pleasure. Hope you dig it. x

    1. Phantom Horse- always too late
    2. Maajo- Soma
    3. Nicola Cruz- Aima
    4. Malcolm- Damaa
    5. Andrew Weatherall- The moton 5
    6. Andrei Orlov- Dead start program
    7. Codek- Tam Tam (Daniele Baldelli and Diongi remix)
    8. Kincaid- Entrance
    9. Pitto- Baila
    10. Das Komplex- Lagos
    11. Club Tularosa- Kati
    12. Edgar Froese – Aqua
    13. Metro Zee- Cetacea
    14. Binary Chaffinch- Theme
    15. Osynilge Mann – Airports
    16. Fear E- The mouth from the south
    17. Mantronix- Hardcore hip – hop
    18. Harks and Mudd – Susta (Emperor machine remix)
    19. Kalle Wirsch- Puma punto
    20. Redrago- Il Veliero
    21. Coeo- sharks, lies and videotape
    22. Jennifer Touch- Attic
    23. Pete Bones- Greenland
    24. Renato Cohen- Synth Queen
    25. Shunt Voltage- Transafrikan
    26. Klein Sage- Lot of limes
    27. Shun Laughing on acid
    28. Joseph Ashworth- Revolver
    29. Orbital- Belfast (David Holmes rework)

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    March 2020 Temple of Wonders

    The March 2020 edition of the Temple of Wonders is now up on Mixcloud. Hope you dig it. x

    1. Jonas Munk – Water from rain
    2. Durul Gence- Black Cat
    3. Super Mama Djombo- Seiango
    4. Sound Voyage – TRIBUTE a kumma ki yidi sOund vOyage Afro Synth edit
    5. AYLIN URGAL- “paran, pulun senin olsun”
    6. Brazada- El Mexicano
    7. Orchard Thief- The Rustle
    8. Ruts DC- Push your self (make it work)
    9. Vin Gordon & The Real Rock Band – Outta Jungle
    10. Junior Brown/Phil Pratt – What a disaster version
    11. Kutiman- Saluf
    12. Epsilon – Two-2-II
    13. Kak- Bryte and clear day
    14. WAVE FORM- Something new
    15. International Noise Orchestra – Veena Via Video
    16. The Spellbinder Project- Jaywalk
    17. Johnny Spinosa & The Music Makers – Come on
    18. Merit Hemmingson- Domaredansen
    19. Ras Clifton- Look over yonder
    20. Dennis Bovell, Jah Bunny & Ras Elroy
    21. NORDINE STAIFI – Zine Ezzinet
    22. Ryuichi Sakamoto – Plastic Bamboo
    23. Jonas Munk – Sink Into Stone
    24. Vox Populi! – Letsam La
    25. Super Mama Djombo- Sinhalakala
    26. Alpay- Yekte
    27. Spectrum- Portobello road
    28. Massicot – Kubiks Rubiks
    29. Kikagaku Moyo/幾何学模様- Gypsy Davey
    30. Edouard Benoit- Mauve Chauffe
    31. Sir Douglas Quintet- Catch The Man On the Rise
    32. Starfoxx- Oh Linda
    33. The Silvertones- Rejoice Jah Jah Children
    34. Miquela- I A De Sers
    35. Don Agrati- Hollywood Song
    36. Majeure- Caribbean King
    37. Claudia- Jesus Christo