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Temple of Wonders June 2024

The Temple of Wonders on Soho Radio is now available on Mixcloud. Your bi monthly trip into wild psychedelic dimensions. Track list is in comments. Hope you dig it. x

1. The Psychic Circle- Dawn Of The Psychic Circle
2. Alan Hawkshaw- Hawkind & Fire
3. Ghost Dance Collective- Here Comes The Rain
4. Sweeping Promises- Atelier
5. Petelo Vicka et Son Nzazi- Sungu Lubuka
6. Jerry Jones- Compared to What
7. Hieronymus Dream- Circe’s secret
8. L. B. Dub Corp- Only the good times
9. Sleeping Dogs- 黄金种子 / Golden Seed
10. The Spiders- Nati Bati Yi
11. Morgan Freeman, Bill Cosby, The Short Circus- Jelly Belly
12. Mossanova- Wake the Glass
13. Horus All Stars- Ras Anthem Dub
14. Nitty Gritty- Turn Them Back
15. Jag Limbo- Gates Closing
16. brainwave research center- Wow
17. Landless- Death and the Lady
18. GUU- Split My Body
19. The Sharp Five- Comin’ Home Baby
20. Mary Ocher- 01. Swedish Samoa (feat. Your Government)
21. Frankie B- Pressure Me
22. Hugh Maddo- Jah Jah
23. The Smart Hedonist- Pendle Hill
24. The Psychic Circle- Magick
25. Small Plant- mothering nature
26. Don’t Feed the Sun- At det går an
27. Landless- Blackwaterside
28. Wugori- DungeonBlue
29. Orgone- Zum Zum
30. Wildflowers- Coffee Cup
31. FANTAZIO & LES TURBULENTS- Jungle zero hierarchie
32. Salwa Jaradat- Inta Mana Walla Mahom
33. Herandu- Bicycle Ride
34. Tewodro Tadesse – Ho naney
35. Robb Kunkel- You Were the Morning
36. Catherine Graindorge- Eurydice
37. Brian Burman- Head Cleaner
38. Radio Bremen- 05
39. Jim Rafferty- I See Red