Art from the Tangle

The Knot for cata

‘Art from the Tangle’ is Justin’s latest collection derived and inspired by his illustrations from his debut novel ‘The Tangle’. The images conjure with the hidden dimensions that lie just outside our grasp but which intersect with us nonetheless. The work includes paintings, photographs and collages on canvas, wood and paper

Justin Robertson’s debut novel is a trans- dimensional trip into the mysterious knot of nature; a journey into the ‘brilliant darkness’ where the timeless divine spirit of the ‘Tangle’ weaves its spell and all mankind’s hubris is rendered insignificant by the radically non-human force of phantom ecology. Salvation, revelation and a terrible reckoning dwell in the ancient roots …

A time traveling account of what occurs when unknowable frontiers are breached and humanity finds itself, once again, lost in the woods, THE TANGLE invites us into a grotesque world of eco-horror, echoing with the spirit of writers such as Saki, Ballard, M R James, Ursula Le Guin, Brian Catling and Thomas Ligotti.

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