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(mis)adventures of the solitary self

A study in solitude both voluntary and enforced where separation, loneliness or estrangement from the world, can be both frustrating but sometimes rewarding. Hermits, mavericks and outsiders can mutate events and change our thinking, but those suffering loss or the isolating effects of illness can feel trapped and unable to communicate. Both can feel very much Alone. Though a solitary existence can lead to enlightenment, isolation often extinguishes meaning as sure as a vacuum extinguishes a flame.

The work has two major strands. There are haunting figurative pieces where the subjects seem to be struggling to break through an invisible barrier, hoping to communicate from a different dimension and striking symbolic images, where signs and signals convey a sense of an isolated ego connecting back into a greater reality.

The pieces are rendered in oil, acrylic and pencil on resin coated paper to give the work a natural feel, as if they have been drawn on wood or skin. Collage adds a feeling of fractured images trying to reassemble themselves in some pieces, while others are presented on brushed aluminium to give the work a changing perspective. A living, breathing texture is apparent throughout the collection.