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When the dark is light enough

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‘When the dark is light enough’ examines the structure of the hidden fragments that hide in the things around us and discusses how, due to our faulty human perspective, we are often mistaken as to their nature. Even the things we create, like paintings, can have layers of meaning that escape us, once created they take on a life of their own, becoming infinitely mysterious, even to their creator.

Using a variety of mediums including painting, photography and UV printing techniques, the work imagines the world from the perspective of the object, with the human subject being only a peripheral element. Humans are seen only briefly, cast as acolytes or struggling particles trying to grasp their place in the confusion. The secret worlds of brush strokes and paint blobs are explored, the orbits of planets are examined, the unending process of decay and becoming is frozen and captured on film or imagined in paint.

Reality flows relentlessly around us, a continually evolving swarm of fragments and relations, which we try in vain to grasp hold of as the torrent tumbles past. Sometimes reality offers us a tantalising glimpse into its manifold complexity, but we are just too limited and faulty to fully understand it. So, we try to deny its existence by making reality reliant on our dubious patronage. ‘To be is to be perceived’, but the universe goes on, and the objects in it will maintain their mystery even when the observer crumbles to dust. What comfort can we take from the acceptance of our own limited capacities? What joy can we find now that our insignificance has been revealed? Well, we can always imagine. We can dream of finding a way into reality’s mysterious flow. What if the objects were to give up their mysteries, to reveal those parts so carefully hidden from us? This collection imagines what we might find if we drifted on a different axis away from the human pivot and into the secret life of things. Occult dimensions beckon! Come see what you might be missing.

Justin Robertson is an acclaimed DJ, musician, artist, writer and broadcaster. After studying philosophy at The University of Manchester, he quickly became a leading DJ in the nascent acid house scene and a highly sought after remixer. He continues to make music and DJ around the world. This is his seventh collection of art having previously exhibited around England, Ibiza, Ireland and Sweden.

Justin lives in London with his wife Sofia and dogs Monty & Harry.