Everything is Turbulence.

An exploration into a fantastical world where the human mind is turned outwards searching for mystery in these prescriptive times rallying against the certainties of our scientific era, this collection celebrates the possibilities of the imagination, as well as touching on the two subjects all good art should… Death and Monsters.
Having completed his latest long player, also titled ‘’ Everything Is Turbulence’’, the ever restless Robertson put aside his musical devices and took up his brushes , for a spot of artistic exorcism. A compliment and extension of his recorded work, this collection covers many of his main concerns and interests.
Themes include magik, possession, the supernatural, fantastical creatures, the history of belief, irrationality, past times and cultures, uncertainty and alien lifeforms….
Justin draws on a variety of influences from mid 20th century science fiction, dystopian literature, Stone Age cave painting, folk art, fantastical creatures from the medieval era through to the golden periods of Elizabethan and Jacobean exploration, the trashy covers of 60’s and 70’s sci-fi fiction, ancient Greek myth, a healthy reverence for the Hammer Horror series, in fact anywhere that imagination is allowed to explore beyond the known, to create its own vision of reality, a pallet of fear, mystery and wonder.