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My New Monthly radio show on Soho radio- Justin Robertson’s Temple of Wonders

I am very happy to join the Soho radio family for a new monthly show.

Justin Robertson’s Temple of Wonders

This is the track list for Decembers show…. next episode January 10th

1. Vanishing Twin – Floating Heart
2. Vutas Brenner- Araguany
3.Owiny Sigma Band – Nairobi too Hot
4. Daniel Beretta and Messieurs Richard De Bordeaux – la drogue
5. 14 Bis – God Save the Queen
6.Last Waltz – Tunnel Snakes (Red Axes and Naduve)
7.Odd Nodsdam – String day so Freeeee
8. Savoy Motel – Mindless Blues
9. Pretty Things – Baron Saturday
10. Damien Jurado – Qachina
11. Hidden Library – Lord of the Hornets
12. Listening Centre – Our Material
13. Cee Cee – Them a Bad
14. Vivien Goldman – Launderette
15. Paladin – Third World
16. Un Dos Tres Fuera – Son De Tambor y san Juan
17. Solyst – Atomium
18. Pyrolator – You Me
19. Golden bug – Supernova
20. Ben Morris – Lyckliga Stubben
21. Tipsy – Space Golf
22. Mary Lou Williams – Praise the Lord
23. Beacon Street Union – The Clown Died in Marvin Gardens
24. Justin Robertson’s Deadstock 33s – Soft Geometry ( Cavern of Anti Matter remix)
25. Jah Screechy – Walk and Skank
26. Stealth Inc – Let The Truth be Known
27. The Paradise Bangkok Mowlam International Band – Zerng India Prayuk
28. Family Atlantica – Cacao
29. Sula Bassana – Barberella
30. Aye Aye – Wila Wila
31. Nemas Problemas – Rasta Nils
32. Koncz Zsuza – Visz a Vonat
33. Okonkolo – Obatala
34. Abrao – Tudo Bom.
35.Morgan Delt – I don’t want to see what’s happening outside.
36. Orpheus – I can’t Find the time to tell you.

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Center For Peaceful Solutions Auction


I was very happy to be asked to contribute to the Centre for Peaceful Solutions Project, painting these amazing boxes made by inmates at Dartmoor Prison. I was in great company alongside Billy Childish, Nelly Dimitranova and Piers De Laszlo. The Auction was at St Martins and raised a very handsome sum for the charity.

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The Explorer’s Chronicle Soundtrack Available as Limited Download.


Something a bit different from The Deadstock 33s dance floor output.

This is a clip from the soundtrack to my recent art exhibition ‘The Explorer’s Chronicle’. The full piece is 27 minutes long, and provides a sonic accompaniment to a fantastical journey into the unknown. It’s a trip into a parallel universe of imaginative possibilities undertaken by a band of psychonauts and scientists.
The soundtrack is strictly limited to 150 downloads.
you can buy the soundtrack for £5 from-…wnload-card/

also available as part of a book, poster, soundtrack and bag pack at £50
Please allow up to 48 hours to process your order,
thank you kindly, hope you enjoy it .