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New Art exhibition for March 2020



Please save the date of the evening of March 4th 2020 for the launch of my new art exhibition “‘When the dark is light enough”…An exploration into the secret lives of Objects…It will be on display at The Union, 50 Greek Street, London for ten days, but hopefully you can join me that evening for a drink and some music as well. Registration details to follow.

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The Rotating Institute returns for 2020

The Rotating Institute bringing you electronic sounds old, new and those yet to be be discovered. Weaving together strands from dancefloor acid to galactic disco, hypnotic electronica to machine boogie. Up now on Mixcloud. Hope you dig it.

1. Jonas Munk – Disappear
2. Lasser Drakar – Socialism feat Tara Delo
3. Ensemble Entendu- Big break
4. Haadoob – Gang is me
5. Cairo – Smokin
6. Bufiman- Pantasy
7. James Rod- Chamanes Ochenteros
8. Pete Herbert – Over to you
9. Pink Diamond Review- Miss lonely hearts (Rude Audio mix)
10. Glok – Kolokol (Franz Kirman m25 mix)
11. Bella Technika – I feel light (Peza mix)
12. 88 Dubs- Mature Nature (Echonomist mix)
13. Jonas Munk – Yesterday’s sky
14. Hooverian Blur- Old Gold
15. Number- Red Flag
16. Lay Fra- All massive
17. Dj Khalab- Chitita (Hieroglyphic being 8 bit house)
18. Type 303 – Analog acidbath
19. Lovebreak – Love me love you
20. Telex- Soul Waves
21. Tom Salta- Lost boy
22. Wolfstream – Eastwood (Balam remix)
23. Warriors of the Dystotheque- Thou shall not follow (Duncan Gray mix)
24. Tom Furse – Pt3
25. Armonics- Universal Oneness
26. Borusiade – Lament
27. La.ura x Secaina- Sideways (Sworn Virgins mix)
28. Jacuzzi General – Aqua Palace
29. Bruno Spoerri – Saucers over Montreux
30. Justin Robertson’s Deadstock 33s- Spirit World

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The first Temple of Wonders of 2020.

The January 2020 edition of the Temple of Wonders is now up on Mixcloud. Hope you dig it.

1. NEF- Le Barometre de l’oncle Adrien
2. Tommy Korberg – Igor the Dog
3. Inkal – Kosmokrator
4. Duo Kribo – Uang
5. Tunji Oyelana – Osekere
6. Chico Mann – Luz
7. Hopf – Mirnix Dirnix
8. King Kennytone And His Western Toppers Band – Nwayo Twist
9. Opus iii & friends- 6.30 A Sunday Morning
10. Carlton Livingstone- Chalice version
11. Johnny Clarke- Guide us Jah
12. Gabe Knox- Square Wave Symphony
13. Project Gemini – Monsters at Gardens End
14. Ola and Janglers – No one knows what happens round the corner
15. Bunk Bed – Forest Of Water
16. Orior- Feels Like Summer
17. PIERRE VASSILIU – Ca va, ça va
18. The Mombasa Vikings – Kibe Kibe
19. The Paragons – A place called Zion
20. Papa Tullo – Straight to the Government
21. Derdiyoklar – Ciftetelli / Mavilim / Ankara Oyunu
22. Aunkama Kwacha – Amafuna Kanyama
23. Weizenberg Group – Kÿllār
24. Leaf Hound – Growers of Mushrooms
25. Trinidad Steel Drummers – Cissy Strut
26. Misha Panfilov – Veealune
27. Violeta De Outono – Within You Without You
28. Chris Squire – hold out your hand
29. Lancelot Layne – Carnival Drum Song
30. Gong Gong Gong 工工工 – Wei Wei Wei 喂喂喂
31. Lord Tanamo – Come Down
32. Rim Kwaku Obeng and The Believers- Peace Of Mind
33. Thorinshield- Wrong my friend
34. The Love Explosion – wonderful wonderful wonderful
35. Excorcist ii- Bahnhoff
36. Gin and Grapo- Forstaelse

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The Rotating Institute December 2019

The Rotating Institute is now up on Mixcloud. My bi- monthly trip through acid house, cosmic disco and swirling electronic soundscapes. Hope you dig it.

  • Arkipelagon- Dog section
  • Mogwaa- Ydp Nites
  • The Imbeciles- Medicine (Legowelt mix)
  • C.A.R- Pressure Drop (Suzanne Kraft mix)
  • Blancmange- Living on the ceiling (Roman Flugel mix)
  • Kruton- Knight Lore
  • Villa- Sween
  • Boot & Tax- Celeste
  • Tangerine Dream- Drowning in Universes
  • Vernal Equinox- Le Metro
  • Professor X – Professor X saga
  • Univac- Lektro City
  • Kapitan – Berries
  • Khshathra- Fake Pearls
  • Jeep Beat – Bomb Drops
  • Justin Robertson’s Deadstock 33s- Zither Power
  • VItorijoski- The Voice of Barbarosa
  • Charlie- Spacer Woman (Club Bizarre edit)
  • Dionigi – Listen to my beat (Alvaro Cabana and Silicodisco mix)
  • Kenny Larkin- We shall overcome
  • The Emperor Machine – House De Lowe (Warehouse mix)
  • Justin Robertson’s Deadstock 33s- Welcome
  • Pat Thomas and Kwashibu Area Band- Yamona (Detroit Swindle mix)
  • Adderall Canyonly – Part2
  • Jaroska- Eating Knives (Local Suicide and Skelesys remix)
  • Aaarmstrong and Dita Von Teese – The Glamonatrix Theme
  • Tuiloxi – The Downside of Being an asshole
  • Andy Ash- A
  • Rfx- Big Bali