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Gathering Atoms art show

Gathering Atoms.

Gathering Atoms- A weekend of Art and Music in Hastings and Saint Leonards.


Fresh from shows at Saatchi’s ‘Other Art Fair’ and the legendary Pikes hotel in Ibiza, renowned Dj, record producer and artist Justin Robertson will be in Hastings for the weekend of 17th – 18th of August, to launch his art show “Gathering Atoms” which will be exhibited at Ruby’s Rooms until 29/09/19 and to play two DJ gigs at local venues

Known for his remix work for the likes of Bjork, Noel Gallagher, Justice and Paul Weller, and his chart-topping band Lionrock, Justin has had over thirty years’ experience at the forefront of electronic music. Restlessly innovative and strongly opposed to resting on his laurels, Justin defies labelling, his Dj sets take in the full spectrum of visceral jacking dance music, whilst his celebrated ‘Temple of Wonders’ radio show on Soho radio travels to the outer reaches of Dub, Afro Beat and Psychedelia on a monthly basis.

Specially curated for the Ruby Rooms, ‘Gathering Atoms’ is a selection of pieces from Justin’s last four collections; ‘The Explorer’s Chronicle, It’s Alive, ‘Alone’ and ‘Maps, Signs and Sigils’, the work covers a number of themes from the mythology of science, the consciousness of objects around us and how they direct us, to the power of the imagination, the pros and cons of isolation and the secret like of atoms.

There will be a launch party at Ruby Rooms on Saturday 17th August from 4pm to 9pm, where there will be a chance to see the art over cocktails and canapes. RSVP to is essential.

Justin will also be venturing out to do a couple of DJ shows. On Saturday night he will be taking his dancefloor detonating blend of body jacking house and cosmic disco to The Fountain, (93 Queens Road, Hastings, TN34 1RL) from 10pm. Then on Sunday it’s a trip around the far corners of the musical universe at The Marina Fountain, (26 Caves Road, Saint Leonards, TN38 0BY), taking in dub, disco and the sounds of the universe from 2pm till 6pm. Entry is free to both events

‘The area is so alive with creative energy and has been for years, so it’s a great pleasure for me to be able to dip my toe in the current and get involved with this vibrant scene. Hopefully this weekend will just be the start of a happy relationship.’
Justin Robertson.

Ruby’s Rooms –

Ruby’s Rooms is an inspirational art & design led seafront guesthouse. Owned and designed by Kate Jaggers who has been curating content and spaces in the music, arts & youth sector for almost 20 years. With her deep family connections and love for this rich artistic and cultural pocket of the south coast she believes your place of rest should be as inspiring as your place to play. Working with locally sourced materials & furnishings and a team of east Sussex craftsmen she set upon restoring & modernising this magnificent 6 story Victorian house which now provides apartments & rooms for modern living serving the best locally produced food & drink. With design collaborations with creative talent ranging from tattoo artists to fashion labels each room offers a very unique experience. The ‘Gathering Atoms’ exhibition and collaboration with Justin Robertson is a major example of the ongoing ‘artist residencies’ at Ruby’s Rooms for all to enjoy.

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Temple of Wonders July 3rd 2019.

The July 3rd edition of the Temple of Wonders is now up on Mixcloud. Hope you dig it.x

1. Ray Spiegel Ensemble – Moksha
2. Soundcarriers – Boiling Point
3. Gabe Knox – Esperanto
4. Afro National – Gowa
5. Antonio Carlos & Jocafi – Quem Vem La
6. The Pilotwings – Trance En Aubrac
7. Lou Blic – Minéralité
8. Merger – Massa Gana
9. Johnny Osbourne – Black Star Liner
10. Supergombo – Marquis Warren
11. El Opio – Kashanga
12. Art Of The Memory Palace – The Approach Of Dusk
13. Moonwood – Trans Lunar Express 2
14. The Misty Wizards – It’s Love
15. Ramayana Soul – Rhaksasa
16. Dytomite Starlite Band Of Ghana – Amanfoo
17. Twilight Sound System & Ranking Joe – Original Fire (Extended Mix)
18. Demon Fuzz – Remember Biafra
19. Art Of The Memory Palace – Station Waiting Room
20. Klaus Krüger – Motorik
21. Art Of The Memory Palace – Recurring Silhouette
22. Hold The Sun – Lost Journal
23. Luiz Melodia – Baby Rose
24. Seyhan Karabay – Edali Gelin
25. Here Lies Man – Clad in Silver
26. Cupids Inspiration – My World
27. Zenobia زنّوبيا – Tawhan
28. Damon Locks & Black Monument Ensemble – Rebuild a nation
29. Violet Eves – Listen Over the Ocean
30. Picoby Band D’Abomey – Mé Adomina
31. Glok – Projected Sounds
32. Ras Michael & The Sons of Negus – A Weh Dem.. (Dub)
33. Richie Havens- New City
34. Nik Turner – Strange Loop
35. Kim Carnes – Everything has got to Free

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The Temple of Wonders June 2019

The Temple of Wonders is now up on Mixcloud. Hope you dig it x

1. Guimaraes E O Grupo Som Sagrado- Our Sound
2. Orgasmo Sonore – Turkish Psych
3. Andreas Spechtl – The Separate
4. Theon Cross- Activate
5. CASSIUS SIMON – Please Mister Hitchcock
6. Black Santiago – Paulina
7. Krokodil – Sunlight’s Beautiful Daughter
8. Frankie and the Witch Fingers – Merry Go Round
9. Timothy Clerkin – Primary Function
10. Barry Brown – Politician
11. The Band of Enlightenment, Reason & Love- Starlet Road Filling Station Romance
12. Jean-François Gaël – Prefiteroles
13. Vanishing Twin- Magician’s Success
14. Dubi Dolczek – Laying Low In Bug City
15. Marlene – Sinal Vermelho
16. Deep Purple- Emmaretta
17. Halal Cool J- Horse Thieves
18. King Jammy – Dangerous System (Dub Version)
19. Admiral Tibet – Victim of Babylon
20. Tropikal Camel – Waves
21. Sea Urchin – Mish Hata’ref tesHa?
22. Sonido Gallo Negro – Mambo Cósmico
23. Kwanjit Sriprajan – Pid Throng Pra
24. Midwich Youth Club – I Tried to Escape But They Made Such an Appealing Offer
25. Normie Rowe – Sunshine Secret
26. Ondigui and Bota Tabansi International – Beza Bakili Ma Nyon
27. Bruhaha Babelico – Bruhaha
28. Eek a Mouse- Noah’s Ark
29. BILLY’S SAX – Le fil direct
30. Lighthouse – Feel so Good
31. Arpanet- Devoid of Wires
32. Insolito Universo- Yoy soy mi rio
33. Attarazat Addahabia & Faradjallah – Al Hadaoui الهداوي
34. The Red Plastic Buddha- Tao Of None
35. Yellow Magic Orchestra – Insomnia
36. Jean Wells- Have a little Mercy

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Throne of Blood E.p is released.


On the My Sweet Machine EP, Robertson returns to form with his vaunted Deadstock 33s project (Skint, Gomma, Darkroom Dubs, Optimo Music, Batty Bass, Tigersushi, Paper Recordings Is it Balearic), turning in four original slices of slow-motion machine funk built for the dancefloor. “Axial Age” starts things off with an arpeggio that sounds like “Crockett’s Theme” gone dark, body music for goth ravers. “My Sweet Machine” maintains some of the menace but lightens the mood. “No Thing Ness” ups the tempo, its rhythmic drive tethered to the dancefloor by a heavy bassline and wonky synths. “Van Van Mojo” rounds out Robertson’s originals with an off-kilter house groove purpose-built for festival dancefloors. Closing out the EP is a storming remix from long-time friend and collaborator Moscoman (Disco Halal, Diynamic, Life & Death). The Berlin-based Israeli revisits “My Sweet Machine” stretching the groove and transforming it into a head-spinning psychedelic trip.

Artwork for the release was done by Justin Robertson as well.

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The Temple of Wonders May 2019

The Temple of Wonders is now open on Mixcloud! Hope you dig it.

1. The Budos Band- Arcane Rambler
2. Tony and Frankye – Alma Brasileira
3. Hyperculte – Siamo Tutti
4. Bazali Bam- Bazali Bam
5. The Electric Peanut Butter Company – Beer Good
6. Wolfgang Dauner Quintet – Take Off Your Clothes To Feel the Setting Sun
7. The Local Beatnik – Travel
8. Half Pint – Political Fiction
9. Roots Radics – Changes
10. vert:x – Fix 4
11. Antena – Achilles
12. Andre Tanker Five – Swahili
13. Claudette et Ti Pierre – Zanmi Camarade
14. Power of Zeus – The Sorcerer of Isis
15. The Universals – Green Veined Orchids
16. Skatebård & Lauer presents Crabsticks – Cat Trapped in a Crab Trap (Igor Tipura Remix)
17. Abu Obaida Hassan – Qamar Al Massa (Moon of the Night)
18. Young Scientist – Brainless
19. Dennis Young – Big Mouth
20. Wayne Wade – Stand up and Fight
21. Flashy B – Weed seed seed
22. The Bayan Mongol Variety Group – A Black Horse
23. Yanga – Encendemos
24. Antoine Dougbé – Nounignon Ma Kpon Midji
25. The Easybeats – Peculiar Hole in the Sky
26. Truth- Archimede’s Pad
27. Christine Combe – Transformations
28. Justin Robertson’s Deadstock 33s- No -Thing-Ness
29. Juju – I’m In Trance (Feat. Goatman)
30. The Thermometers – Babalawo
31. Burning Spear – Days of Slavery (original cut)
32. Yishak Banjaw – Libey Ma’aduley
33. Family – My friend the Sun

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The Temple of Wonders April 2019

The April 2019 edition of the Temple of Wonders is now up on Mixcloud. Hope you dig it x

1. The Exorcist GBG – venus.
2. Holy Monitor – Cirrus
3. Voices Of Darkness – Mota
4. The Comet Is Coming – Summon the fire
5. Cheer-Accident – War Is a Warrior simple link
6. Chariots – God Only Knows
7. Tonto’s Expanding Headband – Timewhys
8. Justin Robertson- The Moon follows the Sun
9. Ken Boothe- Disco Fashion
10. Hortense Ellis- Hell and Sorrow
11. Casa Das Máquinas – A Natureza
12. Avan Samba – Ibere
13. The Insect Trust – Foggy River Bridge Fly
14. Vytas Brenner – Gavilan
15. Diagram – In My Heart, In My Soul
16. Don Bruce and The Angels – Kinuye
17. Rudolf Abramov – King Kong
18. Rebels – Rhodesia
19. Cliff Stewart – Burn Collie
20. Os Diagonais – Não Vou Chorar
21. Dalmeida Bluky & Black Santiago – Les Nanes
22. John G Perry – A Rhythmic Stroll
23. The Oscillation – Drop
24. Minotaur Shock – Petr Petr
25. Ash & Herb – Salt Lick
26. The Spiders – Nati Bati Yi
27. Om – Windmill
28. Susan Christie – When Love Comes
29. Combo Lulo – The Sieve & The Sand
30. Uwalmassa – Untitled 02
31. The West Coast Experimental Pop Art Band – If You Want This Love
32. Derya Yıldırım & Grup Şimşek – Kürk
33. Bob Carpenter – Silent Passage

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Temple of Wonders March 2019

The Temple of Wonders March 2019 edition is now up on Mixcloud. Hope you dig it.

1. Gong- Percoplations
2. Amedeo Minghi – Climax
3. Semra Sine – Gurbet
4. Earth Quake – Things
5. Silver Apples – Program
6. Africa Negra – Cumamo Bivalemo (Umoja Edit)
7. Ronald Mesquita – Balanca Pema
8. Surprise Chef – Where’s the cream
9. FRANCOIS DILLINGER – Vertical_Horizon
10. Cochemea – Al-Mu’tasim
11. Lincoln Thompson- Food clothes shelter
12. Psalms – Rolling Stone
13. Karma – Voce pode ir alem
14. Head West – Costalarico
15. Isaac Birituro and The Rail Abandon – Yesu Yan Yan (Radio Edit)
16. One Of Hours – Sweet Dragonfly
18. Tewolde Redda – Hidri
19. Ivan Conti – Aroeira
20. Pablo Gad – Poor man versus rich man dub
21. Byron Lee and the Dragonaires – Working mood
22. The Myriad Synonym – Psilocybin Express
23. Hooveriii – Fathom
24. Felbm – Monolocale
25. Gyedu Blay Ambolley and the Steneboofs – Simigwado
26. Concret & Strapontin – Resilienza (Olsvanger Remix)
27. Paban Das Baul – Kaliya
28. Panta Rhei – Shigu
29. Gatanga Boys Band – Keep Change Kairitu
30. Fatos Balkir ve Istanbul Gelism Orkestasi – Hey Taksi
31. Quarteto Em Cy – Cantoria
32. Os Mutantes – ando meio desligado
33. Justin Hinds – Save a Bread
34. Neu! – Neuschnee
35. Ella Fitzgerald – The Chokin’ kind

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Alone and the Other art fair March 2019


Alone. My new art collection. Last few days Folk 45 Redchurch street E2 7dj.

Then I’ll be at The Other Art Fair from March 14-17th.

If you fancy coming to the Saatchi Other Art Fair at the Truman Brewery ( here’s a link and code for free tickets….
For Friday/Saturday/Sunday tickets

The code is: JROBERTSON
You need to order one for each day that you want to come
Thursday Private View – Try here
I will be on stand 70. See you there!