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It’s Alive! A new Exhibition of my artwork.

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I’m very happy to have been asked to stage a new exhibition of my artwork at the Book Club in London. The show runs from April 26th until July 8th. This is the event page link.

and register for tickets here for the opening night.…/exhibition-launch-its-a…/

There will be various cultural and musical events during the exhibitions run.
So far confirmed are: an event with author of ‘ The Virtuous Cyborg’ Chris Bateman on the 8th May and an evening with respected music writer Joe Mugford (The Guardian, Dazed & Confused, FACT, Mixmag, Boiler Room) called ‘Future Selves: How is Technology Changing Who I Am?’ in July.
More to follow!

This is a little bit more about the show.

Continuing his exploration of various philosophical themes, his latest exhibition challenges the concept of the machine mind and our human desire for escapism through debatable notions of transcendence. It explores what it is to be human, what it is to be a conscious being and to what extent everything is ‘alive’

“We can outsource parcels of our consciousness into books, music, inventions or devices. These objects live on even after our biological frames have long decayed. We may not be identical to these objects, but nor are these objects the dead things we might think either. They are the receptacles of our wishes our desires and our beliefs. We imbue them with character, give them names, take their council, even worship them”
Justin Robertson

The works are rendered using a variety of techniques including pencil drawings, digital, oil
painting and photography. Some pieces incorporate all these techniques in a process that
leads from the simple to the complex, reflecting the pluralism and variety found in the
natural world, where an atom can be studied on its own, but can only be truly understood
as part of the whole.